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January 4, 2010 Rex Sikes Movie Beat No Comments

Douglas Day Stewart is best known for his original screenplay “An Officer and a Gentleman,” which was based on his own experiences as a Naval Officer Candidate in Newport, Rhode Island, in 1962, undergoing rigorous training while dating a local factory girl. In addition to the many accolades and awards garnered by the film, “Officer” was recently listed by the American Film Institute as one of the ten highest grossing love stories in cinema history.

A medical problem would keep Stewart from realizing his dream to fly jets, and unlike his hero, he did not marry the factory girl, but he would spend three years as a ship’s officer serving off of Vietnam, and become an “O.O.D. — Officer Of the Deck underway, which qualified him to be at the helm of an 18,000 ton ship with 1700 souls aboard.

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Rex Sikes’ Movie Beat chats with screenwriter Douglas Day Stewart

For twelve weeks in 1965 Stewart was the junior officer on a top secret team of Naval and Marine officers which sent the entire population of Marines at Camp Pendleton to Vietnam, thus ending our “police action” in that country and starting “The Vietnam War.”

Stewart’s other writing credits include the enduring first “Blue Lagoon” with Brooke Shields, the acclaimed “The Boy In the Plastic Bubble”, (the ABC television movie that launched John Travolta’s career), and “The Scarlet Letter,” Stewart’s take on Hawthorne’s classic novel, starring Demi Moore. Stewart wrote and directed the cult favorite “Thief of Hearts” (which boasts clubs of devoted women around the country) and the controversial “Listen to Me,” about college debaters forced to take both sides of the abortion issue.

Stewart has been nominated for an Academy Award, an Emmy, and for numerous Writers Guild Awards. His original screenplay “The Accident” (a semi-autobiographical story of a teen tragedy) will go before the cameras in Europe this year. His Musical adaptation of “An Officer and a Gentleman,” will begin production in Australia next year, and is Broadway bound after that. Stewart will direct his most recent original screenplay “The Flying Man,” a cross-cultural love story with spiritual overtones set in modern day Burma, next Spring.

Stewart is the father of three, sons Dylan and Sean, living in Los Angeles, and Shady, a fashion student at Parsons in New York City. He recently married artist Judith Gersten and settled in Hawaii.

As a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Stewart votes on all the major categories for the Academy Awards and he and Judith watch every film in contention. Stewart has lectured on screenwriting at the University of Southern California where he chaired a Mentors Group of awarded writers to help screenwriting students.

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Edoardo Ballerini is an actor and a writer. He has appeared in over forty films and television series, including Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos and the indie hit Dinner Rush. He was last seen on Theater Row in New York in “Honey Brown Eyes.”You can reach Edoardo on Facebook or Twitter

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In the span of two hours I was referred to as a “semi-celebrity,” and had a woman write me asking “Who are you?” (Why she bothered to write is entirely a mystery, but hey…) Still, it did illustrate the murky waters of notoriety actors can swim in. Somewhere circling amongst the “A-listers,” the “has beens,” and the “never should have beens” are the “aren’t you?… no, never minds.”

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In the acting life, there is also a falling shadow, and it comes between the gig and the screening. Between the filming and the airing… Theater is different, of course, but for now let’s stick to the world of screens. After you walk off set for the last day, there’s a good chance you won’t see your work for months, if not even years, or if ever.

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ACTORSandCREW is fully psyched to be featuring Sheri Moss Candler’s 411 for the PMD. PMD stands for Producer of Marketing and Distribution. Sheri is an expert inbound marketing strategist who helps independent filmmakers build identities for themselves and their films.

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I was recently interviewed for a blog and was asked about using social media for marketing a film. It really got me thinking about that question. Is that all most filmmakers see social media being used for? One big promotional effort only to be used when they are looking to sell something? I think within 10 years this will be a non issue as everyone will be adapted to social media. Those who have refused to start will be so left out it will be like the people who held out on rotary phones and terrestrial TV signals.

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Speaking of Pinterest…I only recently started using it for the Joffrey project which is why all of my boards are devoted to that. Looking at them gives a good idea on the kind of thing you could use it for on your production. In my workshop presentations, I talk about posting regularly on your social channels and not just information directly about your film, but also about the interests of your audience; those who would be a fan of your film and of yourself as an artist. I am using the boards to show Joffrey history through pictures and videos. The ballets they created, the ballets they revived, their alumni dancers, Robert Joffrey through the years as well as photos of the merchandise available to buy through our site. It’s a balance of audience interest and promotion for the film.

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